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who is mondo?

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Get to know us!

Mondo was created when a restaurateur was looking for a unique entertainment experience for his guests.  The restaurant had a wide variety of life size yard games, but was looking for something over-the-top that guests hadn't seen before.  Our owner, Ryan Williams, and the partner of the restaurant, collaborated to make a life size, giant Battleship game.  This large Battleship game was like nothing on the market, made to withstand heavy use and adverse weather conditions necessary for commercial outdoor application.

And our story doesn't end there...  

We are continuing development on more absurdly large games, reminiscent of our favorite childhood games and toys.  We also have cornhole games, fully customized with your choice of colors and graphics.

Have an idea for a game??  We would love to hear it!

We are always up for the challenge and can brand your game with your graphics and colors.

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